Der WoW Arenapass 2012 startet bald in die heiße Phase: Seit dem 10. April 2012 könnt Ihr Euch für die Teilnahme am Arenaturnier anmelden, um Euch dann im Kampf mit Freunden Preise zu erspielen. In den vier Wochen vor dem Turnierstart verlosen wir…
Buffed – WoW

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  1. by MsAlizo, on Mai 2 2012 @ 15:58



  2. by san0L1e, on Mai 2 2012 @ 16:45


    Me too! I love k-pop and my friends r like „ah you’re listening to JAPANESE MUSIC again“, and i’m like „IT’S KPOP BITCHHHHH!!!! not becuz i love JAPAN it’s j-pop…, this is K-POP!“

  3. by njrk97, on Mai 2 2012 @ 17:01


    their new hair looks awsome

  4. by UnbrandedClown, on Mai 2 2012 @ 17:32


    I’m now selling my soul to them.

  5. by Mrscupcakecult, on Mai 2 2012 @ 18:26


    this is korean isnt it?  boom shackalacka

  6. by Mrscupcakecult, on Mai 2 2012 @ 18:42



  7. by thekolia29, on Mai 2 2012 @ 19:14



  8. by russel espaldon, on Mai 2 2012 @ 19:58


    Epic face palm

  9. by mi9998kpoplover, on Mai 2 2012 @ 20:29


    ikr my friend knows k-pop and i ask her about this song and she’s like i dont know that song so dont talk about it..-_- im like wut ever

  10. by mikkeline213, on Mai 2 2012 @ 21:17


    i dont understand anything 🙂 but it still rules!

  11. by mi9998kpoplover, on Mai 2 2012 @ 21:56


    „fantastic BABY“LOL

  12. by TheAnimeMangaka, on Mai 2 2012 @ 22:06


    For me, whenever somebody says „Wow“, I HAVE to add „Fantastic Baby“ right after. It’s funnier when it’s one of my friends who actually knows the song. Otherwise I just get funny looks.

  13. by Fantasticbabygirl1, on Mai 2 2012 @ 22:10


    BOOM SHA-KA-LAKA!!!!!!!!!! 

  14. by neneuzumakiuchiha, on Mai 2 2012 @ 22:17


    now when i say nanananana i say it in singsong just like this xD

  15. by kimbootje1997, on Mai 2 2012 @ 22:42


    VIP don’t forget to vote for our boys at trlawards(.)mtv(.)it/vota in the category best fan!

  16. by FinalFantasy10RO, on Mai 2 2012 @ 22:45


    i usually hate this kind of song, i love soothing song like “Grand Fonic Hymm“ or so whatever. but my bro play this song i was like “PLZ REPLAY!“

  17. by wozhuliyagee, on Mai 2 2012 @ 23:02


    I FEEL LIKE I’M IN A DISCO when i heard this song. „nananana!“ make me feel happy when i hear the voice of GD especially TOP! gosh! i really like his voice.

  18. by pinklifex, on Mai 2 2012 @ 23:39


    oww , thats so sad to know , well i’m so thankful all my friends are like ADDICTED TO KPOP <3 We dance and sing all the time 😉

  19. by dreamdaily94, on Mai 3 2012 @ 00:23


    I know! My friends KNOW about my love for kpop.. theyre just too closeminded to try it out and listen to a few songs! Totally feel your pain.

  20. by Starwing321, on Mai 3 2012 @ 00:57


    I start singing it out loud…. you wimp XD jkjk

  21. by wipeoutfrecks909jbn, on Mai 3 2012 @ 01:27


    „Fantastic Baby…..DANCE!“

  22. by Trippy6Da, on Mai 3 2012 @ 02:15


    I die when Seungri says
    „Mama, just let me be your lover“ *-*

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